Why Masternodes for RNS?

Renos Rundown ⏬

Premine: 34,000,000 RNS (AIR DROPPED TO COMMUNITY)
Algo: X11
POS static reward: 3 RNS per block.
Min stake age: 6 hours.
Block time: 90 seconds.
MasterNodes: 30,000 RNS per node, 70% of each POS reward will be given to Masternodes.
Coinbase Maturity: 50
P2P Port: 57155
RPC Port: 57154

Why Renos❓


  1. Community
  2. Democracy / working together to build a decentralized financial system 
  3. Social and economic benefit
  4. Financial independence and progression
  5. Cost and user-friendly
  6. Progression

Trust. Community. Growth.

RENOS is a community of like-minded people creating a new currency for our future. At it’s core, RENOS is democratically run, where you, the stakeholders, have a voice. Our vision, is a future where we are not governed, but one which we control our own interests and strive to provide social and economic benefits to each other and our world.

A lot of coins who have adopted a POS reward system pay a basic rate of interest to its holders.  They keep their wallet open, and earn a few coins here and there. Nothing wrong with that at all. But what if there could be more to it all?

What Renos is looking to do is to reward community members who not only stake, but run a masternode.  A Renos masternode is about more than just short-term rewards, it provides you a place in the community where you are not just another member you will have voting rights to determine the future of the coin.  Your node also serves as another point of contact for our network. So now you are not just only an immutable voice in the community, you are part of what strengthens the projects network. We will be looking in the future to find more ways to incentivize our masternode program and created new innovation that sparks community contributions at all levels.

What is a Renos Masternode❓

A Renos Masternode provides several benefits including support of the network, governance/voting, and stable backbone for the community.

  • Masternodes will receive 70% of the POS Staking rewards
  • Masternodes are capable of assisting with features like Anon sending where the masternode holder is rewarded a small fee for processing the anon sending.
  • Masternode holders will vote on proposals for future projects and help the development team determine the path of Renos.

Development Team 👨‍💻

Our Development Team will host our development fund in masternodes to further help stabilize the network. Rewards staked from the development fund will be routinely gathered and utilized to stimulate the community.  Things like:

  • Inciting innovation & support
  • Contract additional developers for roadmap support
    (mobile app, facial encryption and much more!)
  • Tips for Telegram/Slack/BTT support.
  • Giveaways for promotion and marketing
  • Rewarding community members for contributions to the project

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